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Led display how to budget costs and design

The following is a brief introduction to how to monitor the cost of the budget and design:   1, must allow staff to understand the specific use of the screen body: such as the use of screen size, environment, content and other basic content;   2, if I am in the company, then the process of...[Details]

Indoor LED display how to choose?

LED display in the indoor application is very wide, mainly for video advertising, conference display, stage effects, then the indoor LED display how to choose it? Usually the activities of the meeting, the screen to watch the distance closer, commonly used models are P3, P4 and P5, P6, there are som...[Details]

LED flexible screen market prospects?

With the LED display application market more and more mature, its segmentation products have become more and more, LED flexible screen is one of them. However, with the LED display segmentation products, LED stage rental screen, LED transparent screen, LED profiled screen and other products, have be...[Details]

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